Days 17 to 18 : Amman - The Big Fellow Bar - Dead Sea
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An evening at the Big Fellow bar - Amman

Chris, Tom and Justin


Ricky-Lee and Rhys


Having a few drinks and ciggies

Fearing that drinking two pints at
the same time was not enough of a challenge...

...Pedro decides to push the boundaries...

...with a strip of cucumber securely in place...

...he's about to enter uncharted territory

Tom impressing everyone...

...with his ability to skull a pint...

...despite the obvious distractions

Mission accomplished

With full glasses of beer left on the table,
Chris checks his remaining capacity

Pedro inspecting his handiwork

Adding the finishing touches

Outside Maccers - Amman




Sound of mind but loose of bowel

Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Matt - Dead Sea
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