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1 The Route
2 Hong Kong
3 Li River
4 Yangshuo 1
5 Yangshuo 2
6 Chengyang
7 Zhaoxing/Xijiang
8 Leshan/Emei Shan
9 Chengdu
10 Baoding Shan
11 Yangtze Cruise 1
12 Yangtze Cruise 2
13 Three Gorges Dam
14 Wudang Shan
15 Xi'an
16 Bingling Si
17 Xiahe 1
18 Xiahe 2
19 Qinghai Hu
20 Golmud
21 Nam-tso Lake
22 Lhasa 1
23 Lhasa 2
24 Gyantse
25 Shigatse
26 Everest Base Camp 1
27 Everest Base Camp 2
28 Tong-la Pass
29 Kathmandu 1
30 Kathmandu 2
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China, Tibet and Nepal - 2005
On the 15th July 2005, a Dragoman truck set off from Hong Kong on a exploratory trip through China, Tibet, and on to Kathmandu in Nepal. It took 48 days to cover over 5600 miles traveling through remote regions along rough roads and climbing through high passes. This is a collection of photos that myself, Ianthe, Jim, Sonya, Rob, Ollie, Liau and Ben took on the trip.
Ollie has also uploaded his photos and they can be found here
  The Group
The Group
Hong Kong to Xi'an: Jim, Sonya, Gottfried (Aus), Raz, Alex (Aus), Ianthe (NZ), Paul (Ire), Albert (NL), Tess & David, Andrew (NZ), Lisa (Aus), George, Nelly, Jan (Can), Emma, Liau
Xi'an to Kathmandu (Pictured right): Jim, Sonya, Gottfried (Aus), Raz, Alex (Aus), Rob, Matt, Vish, Rachel, Tammy, Phil, Catherine, Keith & Karen, Eugene & Jill (Aus), Ollie & Pascale (Team France), Linda & Åsa (Team Sweden)
The Crew: Ben & Russ (drivers), Mylse & Labha (guides)

The Route
The Route
 Day 1 - 4CHINA - Hong Kong
 Day 5Huaiji
 Day 6 - 8Yangshuo
 Day 9Chenyang
 Day 10Zhaoxing
 Day 11Rongjiang
 Day 12Kaili
 Day 13Xuyiong
 Day 14Leshan
 Day 15Emei Shan
 Day 16 - 18Chengdu
 Day 19 - 21   Yangtze Cruise
 Day 22Xiangfan
 Day 23Wudang Shan
 Day 24Shangnan
 Day 25 - 27   Xi'an
 Day 28Pingliang
 Day 29Lanzhou
 Day 30Liujiaxia
 Day 35 - 37Xiahe
 Day 38En Route to Qinghai
 Day 39Qinghai
 Day 40En Route to Golmud
 Day 41TIBET - En Route to Amdo
 Day 42Amdo
 Day 43Namtso Lake
 Day 44 - 46Lhasa
 Day 47En Route to Gyantse
 Day 48Gyantse
 Day 49 - 50Shigatse
 Day 51Baipa
 Day 52Everest Base Camp
 Day 53En Route to Zhangmu
 Day 54Zhangmu
 Day 55NEPAL - The Last Resort
 Day 56 - 59   Kathmandu
Ollie Pascale Russ Ben Mylse Jim Sonya Vish Eugene Rob Raz Alex Matt Rachel Tammy Catherine Phil Jill Keith Labha Gottfreid Linda Karen Åsa Gong Shan Yang Mt Everest The Group